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ACEF utilized combined tools and strategies to effectively identify, research, plan, implement, execute and provide sustainability for various projects and programs we are directly engaged in principally in the regions where we currently operates in North America, Sub –Saharan Africa, and Middle-East.
The operational strategies we adopt include:

1. Research and Network at the local (country level) for potential projects or program that will be presented to our office in United States to enable us package the proposal for matching funding and financing sources. With this method, Our Country Directorate works independently with the local organizations, groups, private and public sectors to identify specific projects or programs for engagement through networking with Developers, Contractors, Project Promoters, Consultants and other groups in project development sphere.

2. Secondly, Firm obtains Client Reference and Engagement in direct project or program already earmarked, concessioned, awarded, developed and packaged for execution. We work with the Client to direct this project or program for tailored global funding agencies, financial institutions or financing agencies based on the most financial engineering strategy suitable and matching the project profile. Projects in Private Sector, Public Sector and Private-Public Partnership has been funded and supported with this strategy.

3. Our direct linkage approach allows our Firm to engage in working relationship with project promoters and Consultants to arrange project development strategy to funding and investment packages for the project or program.

The Categories of Projects under the Funding Program:
Industrial and Commercial Projects in all sectors
Private Public Partnership Projects
Public Sector infrastructure Projects
Small Scale Project Development
Employment and Growth Generation Social Projects