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ACEF is equity funds management strategies focuses on placement investment funds in mid-market and growth oriented organizations. Our investment strategy has been defined on the premise to ensure that those businesses has been able to presented and posted relatively quality and positive financial records, they possessed prospective growth potentials, they have out-perform the market averages in the terms of EBITDA co-efficient and they are capable of showing and earning revenues that will grade the quality of our assets favorably and lastly, they remain a growing concern with future and expansion capability.

With this investment focus in mind, our Team work with fund managers, institutional and other non-conventional investors to generate the requisite capital to assist us leverage our intervention capital injection into these categories of mid-market companies and projects across our foot-prints mostly in the sub-Saharan Africa and to some extent in the Middle East. We are currently working on two specific Investment vehicles that will further drive and shape our investment strategies in the next couple of years.

This includes: 1. ACEFUNDS MID-MARKET INDUSTRIAL INVESTMENT FUNDS:This $200 Million Intervention Investment funds will be soon be launched and will focus on generating investment portfolio for the mid-market intervention investment capital sub-Saharan Africa especially for countries where growth prospects has been generally stable and positive in last three years. The intention is to create an avenue and track record for a large future funds for this categories of industrial projects that has remain the hallmark of promoting industrial growth in Africa.

2. ACEFUNDS PPP INFRASTRUCTURE PARTICIPATION FUNDS: Our professional Team is working with local and international conglomerates and firms that have taken the challenges of engaging in favorable partnership arrangement with the public sector groups in Africa. The overall goal is to support the PPP initiatives in project development across the continent under special program such as Build Operate and Owner or Build Operate and Transfer. The model for this nature of investment especially in public infrastructure projects has suddenly risen in Africa with some of these projects posting remarkable revenue while investing in expansion and modernization of infrastructures across the continent. ACEFUNDS has been engineered to create the investing portfolio to assist direct and channel the necessary capital to this investment outlet with a view to enhance the quality of our Equity and Debt Capital investment profile. The ACEFUNDS PPP Infrastructure Participation Funds will (1) will commence with US$500 Million Participation funds.