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ACEF provides Merchant and Commercial finance and financing for clients globally through our structured finance and financing programs. We offer capital, loan and debt for clients to finance projects, development, and infrastructure for both the private and public sector groups in various regions where we currently operates. Our extensive and depth development strategies working with clients to identify the best method to fund and finance projects has assisted several clients to leverage access to capital and Debts in the form of Loan and other financing sources to finance projects and development programs. We currently assist clients with the following International Loan packages


Our Off-shore Loan package assist clients to source Loan and Debt Capital to fund and finance projects for both the public sector projects and Private Sector commercial and industrial financing. Our Off-shore Term Loan is structured based on the Project finance profile. The loans are either on short, medium and long term in nature ranging from One year to 20 years tenor based on the project profile

We offer financing facilities from various range of sources for infrastructure and development Loan for medium and large projects for both the public and private sector groups. Our Firm provides a cutting edge services working with clients and clients financial consulting groups including Banks to identify and places suitable loan package for infrastructure and development loan. We offer this loan services in any region and it is based on the acceptability of the project to qualify for the necessary criteria for funding and financing. We consider all sectors of the economy, industrial and commercial projects in our considerations..

ACEF offers and assist to lead manage consortium of financial Banks, finance groups and financing institutions at the global level to assist clients with special projects requiring considerable large capital injection and financing in the excess of $500 Million Dollars. Our Syndicated Loan Facility is a cognate solution to engage in large volume project financing for our clients. This consortium lending program is available for both public and private sector projects.

Imports and Exports financing has grown larger in the recent past at the global level. Our Firm offers several programs to fund and finance imports and exports for our clients through multiple channels and financing sources. Our Import and Export Loan portfolio is design to assist finance most products, equipment, machineries, commodities and goods on both short and long term financing programs ranging from 3 months to 10 years financing profile.

We offer business Line of Credit in the form of temporary and/or permanent Line of credits for our clients. Our Business Line of Credit offers avenue for businesses to finance working capital needs and assist some others to finance project on a temporary basis with the purposes of refinancing the Business Line of Credit for a cheaper, longer tenor loan facility.

Our bridge loan package is structured loan facility designed to finance projects with a short term loan instrument that would be ultimately replaced and refinancing through different financial engineering strategies including debt capital, investor’s capital, debenture, IPO, and other strategies suitable to replace the bridge loan upon the completion or otherwise of the project in development. Bridge loan is suitable for both medium and large loan facility requests for public and private sector projects and infrastructure projects of any kinds. We provide clients with financial package to provide the bridge and the financial engineering strategies that assist to replace the bridge loan into permanent loan programs.

Our Firm provides Structured Finance program as a solution to solve several financing challenges that most international project funding and financing faces. The Structured Financing program is a hybrid of financing strategies that is tailored to provide debt capital or loan for a project using several methods of loan packages and collateralized instruments backed financing that offers cash discounting and monetization strategies to leverage project financing. We offer comprehensive financial consulting and engineering strategies working with our global funding players to provide the structured financing packages that some specialty and larger volume projects requires. This Loan program may include several multiple levels of financing and finding steps and stages to assist clients leverage and access capital and debt suitable for their projects.