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Afrique Capital & Equity Funds Limited is managed by a Team of industry’s experienced, licensed and wide qualified Team. The core Team of Experts are assisted by array of Specialists and Analysts some of whom are located in countries in Africa, North Africa, and the Caribbean where we have considerable number of projects and activities. Our Core Team are as follows:

Christopher Jankowski –President: Christopher is a veteran who is fully NASD Licensed person; Investment Banker with an expansive experience with major Investment Banks in New York. He is also a NY State Licensed Real Estate Broker, a Certified Business/Franchise Broker. He has possessed over 28 years of cognate experience, served on the Board of advisory for several investment Firms and He is the Founder and a Director with Capstone Financial Partners .based in New York.

Kazeem Bello- Chief Executive officer: Kazeem is highly experienced Banker, Investment, Risk Manager and Project Manager. He is also a licensed Insurance Broker, and Wealth Management specialist.  He is a registered and Licensed NASD person with several professional qualifications in the field of Banking, finance, investment, Business Governance & Management, and project management. He is a Private Equity Expert and a strong corporate finance specialist. He has over 20 years of experience working in top Banks in Nigeria, UK and in USA and his last post being a V.P.  Global Banking Group at CITI Bank NA, New York before joining ACEFUNDS group. He is a Director with Capstone Financial Partners and several other corporations. He is a graduate of University of Lagos, Nigeria, New York Institute of Finance and holds a P.hD degree.

Kevin Brown-Project Director:
Kevin is a highly experienced international Investment banker. He has played leading roles in several projects in United States, Caribbean and South America. He is a strong specialist in project development, real estate and construction engineering field. He is currently our Director of project with considerable experience in West Africa. Kevin is widely traveled and holds Director positions in several businesses in the US, West Africa, and South Africa. He is a graduate of Cheyney University in Pennsylvania State. Kevin Student studied Accounting and Business Administration. He is also considerable experienced in project management and financing.

Howard Haim Helfgott- Associate Manager: Howard is a highly experienced Global Infrastructure manager and developer. He graduated from the prestigious New Jersey of Technology ( NJIT) in Computer Sciences. He currently holds several top global business leadership role and possess great knowledge of Transaction Structuring and Financial Engineering for Projects. He is a Director of New Energy Technology LLC with the NJIT Business Incubator Faculty, a Snr. Consultant to Chairman of America China Sports Association in New York. Howard is vastly connected and well respected in the US in the infrastructure Development and Project development circle.

Anthony Martin-Investment Director: Tony is a highly experienced global investment and fund manager. He is also a Professor having thought in some major colleges in the State of New Jersey. Tony has traveled widely and has put in over 35 years of global investment, trade, project and resources management and strong Treasury manager. He is a graduate of Rutgers University in New Jersey with Wall Street experience.

Esmail Kashanian –Esmail is an International reputable Engineering with wide experience in project development and management. He is veteran in this industry and Real Estate projects. He has high professional qualification and attended the prestigious world acclaimed Steven Institute of Technology in New Jersey.


Kadija Camara Kadija is graduate of Business school of John Hopkins University in DC, United States. He has an extentive working experience in project management, financing and development in the United States prior to relocating to West Africa. She speaks three major languages including fluency in French. She is covering most of ACEFUNDS operations in the French Speaking West Africa working directly with the CEO and Kevin Brown.

Babatunde Jones Mr Jones is a veteran of Investment and Financial specialist conglomerate based in Hong Kong. Mr Jones has an extensive experience in Investment portfolio management and project management working for a major global player in Hong Kong for over 9 years. He has also worked in Germany with Major infrastructure and funding Agency based in Munich. He is widely traveled and possess huge experience in West African infrastructure development markets. He is the Country Manager for Nigeria covering most of the English Speaking West African Market and our Director of Financial Intermediation in West Africa.


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