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ACEF provides comprehensive trade and Letter of Credit (instrument) finance solution all categories of clients. Our Trade and Letter of Credit finance programs are suitable and used by all categories of borrowers for both local and international credit and trade finance transactions. We offer services in this area to provide payment guarantees and temporary finance to settle suppliers of goods, commodities, machineries, equipment, process and all type of supplies on behalf of the purchaser or Buyer to enable the buyer make deferred payment and bridge the payment gap required by most letters of credit.
Our trade finance services include:

PURCHASE ORDER FUNDING: We fund purchase orders especially those categories of Purchase Orders issues by world class and highly performing Regional Corporation. Our Purchase Orders funding allows contractors and Buyers to complete purchase at relatively cheaper cost due to the class of the issued IPO and Contract Orders.

EXPORT (PRE-SHIPMENT) FINANCING: Our Export pre-shipment is program offers suppliers the leverage to process and obtain finance to package exports and receiving payment for guaranteed and confirmed orders from buyers. Usually a short term instrument that allows the exporters to access multi-level sources of financing confirmed orders again a Bill for Collections and Bill of Exchange

LETTERS OF CREDIT - CREDIT ENHANCEMENT – GUARANTEES: we provide tenored Letters of Credit for 90, 180 and 1 year time frame for financing trade payment though regular documentary Letters of Credit (Revocable or Non-Revocable, Transferable and Non Transferable, Divisible or Non Divisible, Revolving or Non-Revolving). This is also used to finance bridge facilities for projects that require initial bridge financing that would be refinancing upon the completion of the construction work on most projects.

STANDBY LETTER OF CREDIT: We offer standby Letter of Credit in the same way and structure like the Documentary Letter of Credit.

BANK GUARANTEES AND MT799: Our Bank Guarantee provides contractors, developers, domestic and international buyers with peace of minds to enable them complete an important trade or procurement of raw material, commodities and general goods.

PERFORMANCE BOND AND CONTRACT PAYMENT BOND: We offer performance Bond and Contract Payment Bonds for various projects in any region of the world.

CASH BACKED AND DISCOUNTABLE FINANCIAL INSTRUMENTS ( MTN AND LEASED INSTRUMENTS): With relatively highly experienced Team, we venture into managing and securing the sensitive Cash Backed and Monetized instruments for our clients that qualifies and desire to access this type of highly technical debt capital instruments. The requirements for qualification for this nature of project funding and financing are rigorous and our Team works diligently with Client mitigating high cost associated with this type of borrowing and also interpreting and mitigating the risks involved on behalf of our clients. The ultimate goal is to ensure that our client fully understand the sensitivity nature of this project funding options and how to navigate it to ensure successfully application for project funding.

INTERNATIONAL PAY MASTER AND ESCROW AGENT SERVICES: Our firm provides Pay Master and Escrow services for cross-border transaction for commodity and other types of business transactions which require the expert financial managers as the Escrow Agent and Pay Master.